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Zone Mob Name Slot HP Misc
Riftseekers King Gelaqua Ilsin's Cloak Back 270 clicky 8% overhaste
Anguish Arch Magus Vangl, Mata Muram Savagesoul Jerkin of the Wilds Chest 355 55% nuke focus for Savage Ice, clicky effect on pet (short term defensive + offensive)
Theater of Blood Talili? Spirit Totem Etched Tunic Chest 275 clicky dot(Festering Malady)
Anguish Ture Hanvar's Hoop Ear 310 clicky 81ac
Sendaii`s Lair Queen Sendaii Earring of Frozen Poison Ear 295 clicky 270hp buff
Demiplane Mayong Mistmoore Ali-Ani, the Eyes of Mayong Face 375 20% det mana pres, 90ac 30resists clicky
Muramite Proving Ground Projection of Mind Warped Mask of Animosity Face 275 clicky 12regen
Sendaii`s Lair Queen Sendaii Salt-Encrusted Eyepatch Face 270 clicky 270hp buff
Muramite Proving Ground Projection of Realms Veil of Intense Evolution Face 270 clicky 40atk
Demiplane Mayong Mistmoore Doomstone Band of Seeing Finger 375 90ac 30resists clicky
Anguish Mata Muram Ring of Persecution Finger 320 23% det spell haste, 10 mana-regen clicky
Anguish Hanvar Ring of the Beast Finger 300 clicky 270hp buff
Nargilor Pits Emperor Draygun Nargilor-Encrusted Ring Finger 295 23% det spell haste, 10 mana-regen clicky
Thundercrest Yar'Lir Stormeye Band Finger 295 clicky 27pt ds
Tacvi Pixtt Kretv Krakxt Ring of Organic Darkness Finger 275 clicky 8% overhaste
Anguish Mata Muram Necklace of the Steadfast Spirit Neck 320 clicky 67ac and 20resists
Tacvi Zun`Muram Yihst Vor Pendant of Discord Neck 285 7 mana-regen clicky
Demiplane Mayong Mistmoore Moonstone Mind Scepter Range 375 10% overhaste clicky
Demiplane Devlin Vule's Frozen Heart Range 340 clicky summons a thrown weapon
Anguish Mata Muram Symbol of the Overlord Range 320 clicky 10% overhaste
Lodge of the Fang Shyra Tainted Undershore Rock Range 295 clicky 30resists
Riftseekers Queen Pyrilonis Lana's Crystal Shield Shield 275 7 mana-regen clicky
Demiplane Mayong Mistmoore Dometrius, the Master's Burden Shoulder 365 35% buff extension, illusion iksar clicky
? ? Mantle of the Deep Ice Shoulder 330 45% haste, clicky 360 hp buff
Tacvi Zun`Muram Kvxe Pirik Pauldron of Dark Auspices Shoulder 280 25% bene spell range, clicky 24ds
? ? Frost-Scarred Giant Hide Bracer Wrist 505 20% det mana pres, 450hp clicky
Demiplane Mayong Mistmoore Forgotten Artist's Mesh Wristwraps Wrist 365 360 hp buff clicky
Theater of Blood Vasella Fireblood Vasella's Bloodstained Bracelet Wrist 345 clicky 360 hp buff

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