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Zone Mob Name Slot HP Misc
Nargilor Pits Emperor Draygun Leather Sleeves of the Cursed Lich Arm 290 30% bene spell haste
Theater of Blood Various Shadowmane Spirit Totem Etched Arms Arm 225 25% bene spell haste
? ? Flickering Cloak of Embers Back 410 35% bene range focus
Theater of Blood Valik the Cruel Valik's Cape of Flight Back 340 60% heal focus
Theater of Blood Vasella Fireblood Vasella's Shadowy Cape Back 340 60% cold nuke focus
Thundercrest Yar'Lir Shroud of the Surging Storm Back 290 20% bene mana pres
Lair of Korlach Leviathan Torn Deathshed Cloak Back 270 40% heal focus
Riftseekers Queen Pyrilonis Zulaqua's Cloak Back 260 Pet Focus(Minion of Discord)
Demiplane Performer Forgotten Artist's Mesh Tunic Chest 375 45% haste, 20% bene mana pres
Anguish Arch Magus Vangl, Mata Muram Savagesoul Jerkin of the Wilds Chest 355 55% nuke focus for Savage Ice, clicky effect on pet (short term defensive + offensive)
Tacvi Tunat`Muram Cuu Vauax Dark Tunic of the Enslavers Chest 295 18% bene mana pres
The Root of Ro Suchun Earring of the Blood Warden Ear 360 60% heal focus
Razorthorn Snowtail Guardian Ragestone Adorned Earhoop Ear 340 60% cold nuke focus
Demiplane Hatchet Piercing Ring of the Torturer Ear 335 45% haste, 60% disease focus
Nest Vishimtar Accursed Earhoop of Pain Ear 330 20% bene mana pres
Anguish Jelvan Earring of Dark Conflict Ear 300 30% bene spell range
Tacvi Zun`Muram Shaldn Boc Loop of Entropic Hues Ear 280 Improved Dodge III, 30% bene spell haste(67cap)
Muramite Proving Ground Projection of Body Clawed Earring of Determination Ear 275 25% detr spell range
Demiplane Mayong Mistmoore Ali-Ani, the Eyes of Mayong Face 375 20% det mana pres, 90ac 30resists clicky
Demiplane Performer Mask of the Forsaken Face 345 30% bene spell range
Relic Porthio Mask of the Second Born Face 335 60% heal focus
? ? Lorekeeper's Veil Face 335 30% detr spell duration
Anguish Arch Magus Vangl Mask of Forbidden Rites Face 310 30% detr spell range
Thundercrest Yar'Lir Mask of Raining Tears Face 290 50% cold nuke focus
Nest T`Shara Mask of the Dawn Scorcher Face 265 15% bene mana pres
Razorthorn Sullon Zek Roughcut Band of Rage Finger 365 30% bene spell haste
Demiplane Roley Band of Broken Vows Finger 345 60% heal focus
Demiplane Zu-Thuuli Band of Shattered Stone Finger 335 35% det range focus
Anguish Arch Magus Vangl Ring of Deterrence Finger 320 20% bene mana pres
Anguish Mata Muram Ring of Persecution Finger 320 23% det spell haste, 10 mana-regen clicky
Nargilor Pits Emperor Draygun Nargilor-Encrusted Ring Finger 295 23% det spell haste, 10 mana-regen clicky
Muramite Proving Ground Projection of Mind Ring of Ire Intent Finger 275 18% detr mana pres
Tacvi Pixtt Riel Tavas Ring of the Serpent Finger 270 40% heal focus, faerune
Anguish Most Bosses Savagesoul Sandals of the Wilds Foot 310 Pet Focus(Servent of Chaos)
Muramite Proving Ground Projection of Realms Sandals of Constant Change Foot 275 18% bene mana pres
Demiplane Wailing Sisters Forgotten Artist's Mesh Gloves Hand 325 60% cold nuke focus
Lodge of the Fang Shyra Basilisk Hide Grips Hand 290 30% bene spell range
Demiplane Performer Forgotten Artist's Mesh Pantaloons Legs 365 60% heal focus
Anguish Arch Magus Vangl, Mata Muram Savagesoul Legguards of the Wilds Legs 325 45% cold nuke focus
Tacvi Tunat`Muram Cuu Vauax Greaves of the Dark Ritualist Legs 285 25% bene spell range
Ascent Rikkukin Supple White Leggings Legs 275 25% bene spell range
Theater of Blood Talili Spirit Totem Etched Leggings Legs 245 30% cold nuke focus
? ? Carved Blood Ice Choker Neck 450 35% detr spell duration(75)
? ? Burning Heart of Sothgar Range 420 Pet Focus(Servitor of Scale)
Theater of Blood Gnarlibramble Harith's Ornament Range 340 35% bene spell range
Demiplane Hatchet Anthemion Wardstaff Range 330 Improved Block IV, 25% BE mana pres
Anguish Keldovan Sorrowmourn Stone Range 300 45% cold nuke focus
Thundercrest Yar'Lir Crystallized Glass Staff Range 295 20% det mana pres
Tacvi Pixtt Kretv Krakxt Bulwark of Lost Souls Shield 270 40% heal focus
Theater of Blood Maestro Tan`lor Gleaming Pageant Spaulders Shoulder 340 35% buff duration
Nest Vishimtar Obsidian Pauldrons Shoulder 325 50% heal focus
Relic Shar`Drahn Hood of the Relic Born Shoulder 320 60% disease focus
Tacvi Zun`Muram Kvxe Pirik Pauldron of Dark Auspices Shoulder 280 25% bene spell range, clicky 24ds
Muramite Proving Ground Projection of Power Shawl of Nefarious Favor Shoulder 275 25% buff duration
Demiplane Performer Obsidian Cummerbund Waist 350 Ferocity VI, 60% cold nuke focus
Demiplane Redfang Vermilion Batfur Sash Waist 335 Pet Focus(Spire Servant)
Anguish Mata Muram Chains of Anguish Waist 330 20% bene mana pres
Relic Tsikut Sash of Seven Scales Waist 305 35% bene spell range
Anguish Ture Belt of Contempt Waist 290 45% disease focus
? ? Frost-Scarred Giant Hide Bracer Wrist 505 20% det mana pres, 450hp clicky
Razorthorn Snowtail Guardian Wristwraps of Burning Rage Wrist 365 60% heal focus, Improved Block IV
Relic Ashenback Stretched Dragonback Bracer Wrist 310 35% buff duration

Count: 62

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