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Zone Mob Name Slot HP Misc
Muramite Proving Ground Projection of Body Sleeves of the Steadfast Arm 275 Improved Block III
Tacvi Pixtt Riel Tavas Armband of Writhing Shadow Arm 270 Improved Dodge III
? ? Wraithguard Lord Commander's Cloak Back 510 45% haste
The Root of Ro Suchun Cape of Cremation Back 350 45% haste
Demiplane Devlin Shadowmane-Hide Cloak Back 335 Cleave VI
Elddar Forest Vertekin the Soothsayer Cloak of the Vorzek Soothsayer Back 330 Sharpshooting VI
Razorthorn Sullon Zek Battleworn Symbol of Rage Charm 345 45% haste
Demiplane Performer Forgotten Artist's Mesh Tunic Chest 375 45% haste, 20% bene mana pres
Demiplane Devlin Hoop of the Dark Hunter Ear 355 Ferocity VI
Theater of Blood Anastasia Aelly's Earring Ear 350 45% haste
Theater of Blood Gnarlibramble Prickly Earring Ear 350 Ferocity VI
Demiplane Hatchet Piercing Ring of the Torturer Ear 335 45% haste, 60% disease focus
Muramite Proving Ground Projection of Mind Earring of Mental Incursion Ear 280 Improved Dodge III
Tacvi Zun`Muram Shaldn Boc Loop of Entropic Hues Ear 280 Improved Dodge III, 30% bene spell haste(67cap)
Ascent Kessdona Tear of Kessdona Ear 275 Improved Dodge III
Nest T`Shara Weighted Loop of Eternal Battle Ear 265 46% haste, Ferocity IV
Devastation Several Bosses Engraved Earring of Endless Rage Ear 260 Ferocity III
? ? Daggerscale Visor Face 465 Cleave VII
Razorthorn Sullon Zek Spiked Faceguard of Rage Face 360 Ferocity VI
Sverag Several Bosses Blood Quenched Visor of Animosity Face 355 Ferocity VI
Demiplane Zu-Thuuli Leering Coldstone Mask Face 320 Sharpshooting VI
Relic Ashenback Dragonskull of Relic Face 305 45% haste
Anguish Ture Golem Stone Face Guard Face 300 Cleave V
Temple of Korlach Council of Nine Repugnant Undead Shiliskin Mask Face 290 Ferocity V
Muramite Proving Ground Projection of Tactics Mask of Uncanny Sight Face 280 45% haste
Riftseekers King Gelaqua Cynin's Mask Face 275 Cleave III
Tacvi Pixtt Riel Tavas Mask of the Void Face 265 Cleave III
Muramite Proving Ground Projection of Arcana Eyepatch of Expert Archery Face 210 Sharpshooting I
Razorthorn Snowtail Guardian Band of Seething Rage Finger 380 Improved Dodge IV
Demiplane Redfang Chiseled Skullbone Ring Finger 340 Cleave VI
Anguish Most Bosses Savagesoul Gloves of the Wilds Hand 310 Improved Block III
Muramite Proving Ground Projection of Arcana Gloves of the Adept Hand 275 41% haste
Theater of Blood Various Shadowmane Spirit Totem Etched Gloves Hand 230 45% haste
Demiplane Zu-Thuuli Forgotten Artist's Mesh Skullcap Head 345 Cleave VI
Anguish Most Bosses Savagesoul Cap of the Wilds Head 315 45% haste
? ? Sleetstorm Leggings Legs 375 Improved Block IV
Relic Daosheen Crystal Pendant of Force Neck 360 Cleave VI
Theater of Blood Anastasia Ervaj's Neckguard Neck 355 Cleave VI
Demiplane Tris Wallow III Alluring Amethyst Amulet Neck 350 Improved Dodge IV
Demiplane Hatchet Hatchet's Rusted Brass Locket Neck 340 Improved Dodge IV
Muramite Proving Ground Projection of Realms Sapphire Choker of Adaptation Neck 280 Cleave IV
Ascent Rikkukin Choker of One Hundred Diamonds Neck 275 Ferocity V
? ? Pitchfork of the Town Rebels Range 425 45% haste
Skylance Daosheen Crystal Globe of Spirits Range 365 45% haste
? ? Idol of Kangur Vafta Veor Range 345 45% haste, Sharpshooting VI
Demiplane Hatchet Anthemion Wardstaff Range 330 Improved Block IV, 25% BE mana pres
Sverag Several Bosses Elaborate Iron Idol of Contention Range 320 Ferocity VI
Tacvi Pixtt Riel Tavas Ruby of Determined Assault Range 275 Ferocity III
Acrstone Zomm the Seventh Born Eye of Nine Worlds Range 275 Improved Block III
The Root of Ro Suchun Pauldrons of the Burning Prince Shoulder 365 Improved Dodge IV
? ? Mantle of the Deep Ice Shoulder 330 45% haste, clicky 360 hp buff
Anguish Hanvar Shoulderpads of Warfare Shoulder 305 Ferocity V
Lair of Korlach Leviathan Imbued Shoulderguards of the Leviathan Shoulder 275 41% haste, Ferocity IV
Riftseekers King Gelaqua Ilsin's Mantle Shoulder 275 45% haste, Sharpshooting III
Demiplane Performer Obsidian Cummerbund Waist 350 Ferocity VI, 60% cold nuke focus
Nest Vishimtar Belt of the Black Dragon Waist 335 Ferocity V
Anguish Jelvan Girdle of the Fleet Waist 305 46% haste
Razorthorn Snowtail Guardian Wristwraps of Burning Rage Wrist 365 60% heal focus, Improved Block IV

Count: 58

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